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Welcome to Natural Holistic Therapy London

A new way towards healing, growth and balance

Integrative transpersonal psychotherapy is a blend of Eastern and Western psychotherapeutic approaches tailored to suit unique individual needs

A holistic approach that creates mental, physical and spiritual transformation

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This is a safe and confidential space in which to explore blocks, issues and concerns you may have. I specialise in a range of issues from day-to-day worries to complex psychological conditions. Therapy is tailored using many different approaches to benefit the unique needs of the individual.


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This is an uplifting blend of physical, mental and spiritual practices. The regular practice of meditation, pranayama (breathing), chanting, mantras and asanas (yoga positions) is designed to awaken the Kundalini energy.  Through this we reach a state of awareness, total wellbeing, energy and vitality.


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Addiction can be defined as a repeated involvement with a substance or behaviour giving negative or life conditioning consequences.  Addiction therapy is a specialised unique approach in exploring addictive behaviours. Depending on individual needs, this can be a blend between integrative transpersonal psychotherapy yoga and meditation.


“Jennifer’s unique approach of bringing into the therapy; my mind, as well as my physical body through yoga, helped me more than any therapist before”

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“Gambling had been ruling my life for many years. I now learnt how to spot triggers and not let my urges rule my life”

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“Jennifer’s warm, caring and positive attitude has really helped me through some very difficult times”

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“This has been a real journey of self discovery”

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